One of those days…

Someone I admire told me that she wishes I had a blog she could read and share, so maybe I’ll give it a go. 

Today we are getting a bit of much-needed rain. So of course, while I was hunkered down on the couch with my tea and knitting, the neighbour called and told me my sheep were out. Now the particular pen that the sheep were in has been securing two dogs for weeks, but the sheep were indeed out. I was going to take a picture, but Ophelia was eating my apple tree that barely survived winter, and then she tried to bolt for the garden, so no photos. Semipro-tip: Teach your animals to chase you. Now, the chickens are too stupid for this trick, but the sheep are full-speed ahead if I start running. Which is very helpful since my border collie failed herding school. 

An image of the sheep described in the post.
The culprit.

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