Chaos and ducklings.

Last week of school, lacrosse playoffs, So. Much. Rain. Ducklings sharing space with a murderous cat. They are safely locked in a cage he can’t get into, but he’s going to have to move out to the barn when they get more active. He should live out there already, but he doesn’t believe he’s a barn cat. Be grateful you’re not still a bridge cat, you ornery thing.

Product review time: I use Brinsea mini eco incubators, and mostly they work really well. there is some necessary repair, because as is the nature of motorized parts and humidity, things corrode and stop working. But repairs are easy and parts are available. That said: the fan quit in my original incubator and the replacement I found wasn’t quite what it was supposed to be, apparently. Long story short, it didn’t keep the temperature where it was supposed to. I meant to recalibrate it, but its still sitting on my shelf waiting for that to happen. Because I bought a new one the mini EX. I like the premise behind the new design. Add water from the outside so you dont have to open it up so often. Except that you can only add 1/4 of the water that you can from inside the other ones, so it dries out really fast. And that doesn’t work out so well when you are trying to incubate ducks. The ducks really need the base that doesn’t have the hole in it because they need that humidity to stay in and stay high. I got 2 ducks out of 6 eggs, and 3 of those 4 died in the last 2 days of incubation, where humidity is so vital. I think I’m going to plug up that hole before I try to hatch anything else out of there.

A small yellow duckling sitting in a hand.

For those following along at home: the ducklings have been named, which is certain doom for any small farm animal, but you just can’t reason with a 9 year old. They are called Nibble and Squeak, and they are identical except the tiny black dot on the top of Nibble’s head.

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