It seems that winter has settled in. We have had several days of below-zero highs, and it was -22C when we woke up yesterday.

I have been dreading winter for months. We didn’t get much warmth over the summer, mostly just constant chilly rain, and it’s done a number on my mood and many other people’s moods. There’s just been this overwhelming sense of doom building. And yesterday I woke up to -22. And then the sun came up and started sparkling off the tiny bit of snow we’ve got, and things just started looking up. Because yes, it’s going to be cold, and it’s only getting colder. But we have a well-insulated house and heat. And sunshine. And this cold means that the drizzly chill that we’ve been fighting with all summer (we sometimes refer to it as dementors) is gone. We are back to a cold that is dry and easier to keep at bay, and the clouds only come when we’re getting more snow, which doesn’t happen all that often really.

And the other good news is that I managed to get a gate into the fence between the ram and the ewes this year, so (as long as everyone lives that long and does their jobs) we will have lambs in the spring.

Olaf is less than impressed though. He was hoping for no gate at all.

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